The modern real estate market offers many chances to buy an apartment below its market value, and significantly. However, each version of the cheaper deals directly connected with a particular risk of incurring moral or material damage instead of the planned economy. Will there be opportunities realized, depends on how much you informed, decisive, assertive, successful and legally savvy.

1. New: “early stage”

So the first way to save money – a traditional market for buying an apartment in new buildings “zero” or an early stage of building a house. Price of housing in the new home often increases depending on the stage of construction readiness. On average, the market value of the difference between the new buildings finished and one that is sold under the zero cycle is 20-30%.

However, the solution of buying a home under construction on a zero must be handled very carefully, take into account many factors, including the reputation of the builder, the presence of his completed projects, the degree of trouble-free history.

As you know, deadlines are often trapped houses. In times of crisis such risks only grown – even now ready for 90% of the house might suddenly turn on unfinished, no signs of life.

As noted by Sergey Elin, managing partner of the group of companies “Auditing and Law” (”AIP”), the most common abuses committed at the conclusion of agreements between the parties to share construction and organizations to mobilize financial resources for housing, as follows:

- A contract that does not meet the character of relations (according to the law No. 214-FZ of the contract must be entered into equity, but instead is often a joint activity agreement (simple partnership), etc.;
- Substitution of concepts in the contract (replaced by the names of parties (interest holders, investors, shareholders, investors, etc.);
- The inclusion of contract terms that do not meet the requirements of current legislation (for example, the contract may provide that the transfer of flats built by the customer only after the conclusion of a treaty on the housing and communal services);
- Lack of agreement in terms of the transfer period built apartment;
- Failure to provide information on the construction site (the lack of detailed descriptions of the apartment);
- Failure to provide information about the developer (the certificate of registration, building permits, documents confirming the right to land, etc.).

To avoid the risks associated with buying a home in the initial phase of construction is necessary before signing the equity in the construction of carefully examine all documents relating to the construction project, the documents to the developer, as well as conditions of the contract sling ink. If you do not have sufficient competence, contact a professional lawyer, as a person, not versed in legal matters, to identify all the risks on their own is virtually impossible.

Even more dangerous for the buyer new construction at the stage of excavation is the conclusion of contracts that do not meet Federal Law “On Participation in the shared construction of apartment buildings and other real estate and on amendments to some legislative acts of the Russian Federation” (214-FZ of the Russian Federation).

Most often, signing such a contract offer developers who do not have the opportunity to prepare all necessary documents. It is important to remember that at the conclusion of these contracts the buyer is not protected under the rules of the Federal Law, in addition, these transactions can be further considered null and void, that is, it may happen that you will not be flat, and the return of the money will not require a anyone.

2. New: Apartment “contractors”

A couple of years ago, share apartments, inherited from the contractors to building owners as payment for construction work that contractors are selling to get a “live” money on the market of new buildings should not exceed 2-3%. However, over the past year it has grown to nearly one fifth of the total supply of housing under construction. Developers continue to experience problems with cash and are often calculated apartments that come onto the market, with a substantial discount, in some cases reaching up to 40%.

These flats are sold without the speculative component of the market buildings and the buyers are very popular. Interested people like options, they say, are caught. There is no systematic information on such real estate is not, one of the signs of entering the market of apartments from builders – the appearance of new buildings in the catalogs of real estate companies of housing small quantities, and, on objects of different nature.

Among the risks and disadvantages buying flats “from suppliers and contractors,” then, except for those associated with new construction market as such (see above), we must remember that in the future, due to the very structure of the transaction, registration of property rights may end customer be more cumbersome and long procedure than usual.

The fact is that buying an apartment from any organization that has received a housing assignment for credit in certain jobs or services, you are dealing with a chain, rather than a direct holder apartment. This delays the paperwork, but the real risks to remain without property rights there is not, of course, if you are legally reconcile the transaction.

3. New: participation in the action

Plenty of opportunities to buy an apartment below market value offer advertising and promotions, said CEO Elena Balabanova VERITAS. Basically they are all similar and repeated from year to year. But there are also new: for example, in one of the residential complexes of the capital now there is action, in which 10 square meters apartment can be bought for 45 rubles per square meter at a cost of 65 thousand rubles. Summing up the difference, we save 200 thousand rubles.

In another project, Moscow has recently completed event “10 apartments to 58 rubles per square meter” at the regular price of apartments in this LCD at 69 rubles per square meter. The lucky ones saved by purchasing a one-room apartment 600 thousand rubles, a two-bedroom – 850 thousand, two-bedroom – 1 million rubles, and this will agree, the perfect gift for New Year.

Now the LCD is the same action “20 apartments to 68 rubles per square meter”, with the participation of which you can save 100 to 300 thousand rubles. The third apartment complex is the capital stock, on which given discounts-time students of universities of Russia and pensioners, etc.

However, in this case is not so simple as it might seem at first glance. Often the loudest event in reality is unfounded or exaggerated at best bait for buyers. To buy an apartment in stock, you need to know exactly all the conditions of purchase, placed in stocks. In addition, there should be no reservation that the action was not a public offer. If the buyer accepted the conditions of action, in this case there is a buyer’s acceptance, but because the person who accompanied her, is obliged to sell an apartment on the terms specified in the action, otherwise it can induce this through the courts.

4. Secondary Market: Buying shares

Features cost of buying an apartment there in the secondary market, but it is important to understand that a man walking on a potentially profitable options for the purchase of housing, will have to deal with the costs. Chief among them is not so much financial, but transaction support experienced lawyers can be quite expensive, many psychological, because in this case we have to deal with specific housing situation of specific individuals.

One of the advantageous variants of the acquisition of second homes is to buy shares. Share or part of the apartment, sold as such, is approximately two times smaller than its counterpart in the money when selling the apartment as a whole. However, in this case, as a rule, have to deal with co-owners, who have lost all possibility of establishing a constructive dialogue.

However, buying a share-purchase gives the rest of it is tangible savings in relation to the market price of the apartment. The exact percentage is difficult to call the economy, especially since they individually (currently in Moscow apartment for sale in two installments, which are 2.3 and 2.5 million rubles, respectively, in whole, the same apartment is worth 7 million rubles – Ed.).

“The ideal situation is to purchase a residential area an option when you are able to persuade all owners to part with the shares at the same time, then this is a good buy, – said Sergey Elin. – But, buying only part of the apartment, we can not become the happy owner of a residential area, and in the same accident seller, as the former owner. ” Here are a few disadvantages in relation to other owners, the likelihood that if such transactions is very high:

- Between the owners do not use the procedure for an apartment;
- Are not separated by individual accounts (to pay not only for ourselves but for everyone who is registered in the apartment);
- Inability to prescribe to their close relatives, even without the consent of other owners;
- Difficulties in carrying out routine maintenance of common areas;

In addition, in any case you will not have legal mechanisms to force the other owner to the sale of shares, and therefore you for a long time, if ever you can to stay in a communal apartment.

5. Secondary market: apartment plagued

Another opportunity to save money – buying apartments with encumbrance. Housing, which registered a person with no property rights are often sold at 25% below market.
Often, in practice, subsequent occupant statement, which calculates the buyer becomes a very long history in which people will be prescribed until the last hold on to their housing rights. In fact confirms that the situation is not so simple, and provides a substantial discount in price.

Nevertheless, there are some grounds to evict the remaining from the previous owners of an apartment tenant in court, said Denis Shchekotov, director general of the “Group” AIP “, these include:

- Withdrawal of the ex-spouse in a divorce case;
- Actions that threaten to damage and destruction of the premises (unauthorized re-planning);
- Use of premises for other purposes (such as wholesale store), etc.

However, the law-abiding citizens, whose relatives have decided to sell the apartment, this list of reasons can not be disturbed. Ultimate authority for them – the court. And which side will prevail judge will decide. And here is more often than that to evict the tenant even the courts can not. For example, you can not evict people who do not have ownership of you liked the apartment, but lived in it until the privatization and have equal rights with the tenant (Section 19 of the Federal Law Federal law of December 29, 2004 N 189-FZ “On introduction of the Housing Code Russian Federation “).

6. Secondary market: house demolition

Before the crisis, it was assumed that the potential benefit is to purchase an apartment in the house, the going to be demolished, whether it is simply recognized as belonging to the Old Fund, or even an emergency, as residents of these homes eventually settle and are similar, higher-quality apartments. But now this kind of scenario is a home purchase is associated with greater risks to get tight, uncomfortable and even dangerous flat, and use it to know how many years. The thing is that in today’s economic climate at the Moscow authorities simply can not afford the promise of an ambitious settlement projects and reconstruction of neighborhoods.

As noted by Balabanova, many homes that are within the urban programs had to be demolished within the last year or two, in many cases are safely in their seats. At the same time on the documents they have long should not exist. So be sure that this or that building just this year, will be demolished, it is impossible, but the chances are still there. For information on the demolition of buildings can be found online or by phone in the complex reconstruction and development of the city, as well as by telephone “hot line” Department of Housing Policy in Moscow.